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Vehicle manufacturers are using connected data to change the way we purchase vehicles in 2021 and build customer loyalty

March 21, 2022

At Verex Group we are working with multiple UK vehicle manufacturers to offer a portfolio of additional services using connected data. These new value-added services will be offered to many customers this year and include an exciting range of connected insurance and accident management services.

These new and enhanced solutions mean UK vehicle manufacturers and their retailers will start offering a market-leading and personalised service alongside the traditional vehicle purchase. Using cutting-edge technology and connected car data management solutions including; Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Pay As You Drive (PAYD) and a proactive “E-FNOL” (First Notification Of Loss) solution. These capabilities will allow drivers to take more control of their insurance costs, receive a seamless customer experience and make accident claims simpler by automating the process with insurers and the vehicle manufacturers.

Our partnered vehicle manufacturers will be able to offer these new services to customers when they purchase a new or used vehicle building customer interaction and loyalty. Supported by digital journeys, mobile and self-service apps this provides their customers with greater support and efficiency improving their overall branded experience.

With the evolution of digital capabilities and access to increased data and insights, customers are seeking more when they purchase a new or used vehicle and our partnered Vehicle Manufacturers can now offer a portfolio of services including branded insurance and accident services.

We are excited to be leading the way in developing and integrating connected car data into our services. Our solutions allow UK vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to offer a market-leading experience to their existing and new customers, building increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

About Verex Group

Verex Group is the market leader in the Vehicle Manufacturer Insurance and Accident Management sector. Alongside our network of partners, we utilise the latest innovations in connected data and technology to continually transform our business to achieve our future goals.

Our new range of services will allow vehicle manufacturers to offer a personalised service to their customers. Services will include; Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and Pay As You Drive (PAYD), plus “E-FNOL” (First Notification Of Loss) capture can be fully deployed. These propositions will deliver a more customer service orientated experience, a streamlined approach to accident management and the claims process and create added value into the branded network whilst helping to automate and control claims for insurers and increase parts and repair referrals to vehicle manufacturers.

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